Get Linked Up With A Good Search Engine Ranking

If you are online to market yourself, a product or a service, then one of your fundamental approaches has to be search engine optimization. If you are unable to be easily found through search engine queries by having a high listing within the generated results, how else can you expect to draw traffic to your website. The real truth behind search engine optimization is links, link, link. Keep reading for ways you can use to involve links online as your way to more website traffic.

Review the links pointing to your site and even the ones pointing out of it. How recent are they? The search engines do rate as a factor how fresh or old links are. Search engines want to provide their users with pages that are seemingly kept up with. If your website has not had fresh links pointed to it lately, your ranking will suffer as the crawlers start deeming your website dated and stale material. Things move at the speed of light online. Keep up.

Another factor that search engines use to factor how good links are is relevance. The words within the link are a primary consideration, but the search engines also dig deeper and check the text on the first pages at both ends of the link. A link is judged to be relevant and of useful quality if matching phrases and keywords are found on both the page with the link and the page the link is pointing to. If there is not a match, it is either considered an artificial link or a mismatch. These are not given much trust, if any.

One factor that you might not hear much about is the placement of the link on the page. This does not matter as much as recency or relevance, but it is still an issue. A link that is in a very visible part of a page is given more credence than one that is in the footer or near the lower left part of a page.

The frequency of links exchanged between a pair of domains is something the search engines do look for quite thoroughly. Once it was figured out that the number of relevant links to a website factored into its search engine ranking, webmasters got into the habit of creating sister sites. These sites would be very parallel in content and have dozens, hundreds and sometimes thousands of links just pointing between them. This of course is artificial and now looked at by search engines, so if you want a lot of links to your website, make sure that they are coming from a broad spectrum of sources.

You can really boost your marketing efforts online with the proper application of search engine optimization. Use the ideas presented within this article, and you can make Internet links really work for you, both by providing chances for online readers to find your website directly and also to boost your search engine ranking position. This all leads to traffic and revenue.