Search Engine Optimization For Beginners

Do you have a website or a blog? You should look into developing an efficient search engine optimization campaign. Read this article to learn more about search engine optimization.

Organize your website or your blog so your visitors can navigate it easily. Divide your content on different pages and create some links to help your visitors navigate from one page to the other. Your articles should contain links to more similar content and you should also use site-wide links to direct your visitors to your most important pages, for instance by creating a menu or adding some banners to draw attention to your latest product or discount. All your links should be placed in visible places and your anchor text should be optimized with strong keywords.

Choose up to five strong keyword phrases for your site or blog and some more secondary keywords if you need to. You should use Google AdWords to find out how popular certain keywords are. Choose keywords your potential customers would use to look up your products or information on your industry. You should include your keywords in your titles, the meta tags and description of your pages and in the body of your articles, but keep in mind that your keywords will be more noticeable if they appear in your titles and your different tags. Some keywords might not remain popular for very long; you should stay up to date with new trends and update your keywords if you need to.

You can design your site so your content is easier to analyze and index. Optimize your design by keeping it simple and avoiding unnecessary lines of code. You should create basic pages with HTML and add a CSS sheet for your design. Use a simple color pattern instead of a picture for your background and text for your header rather than a banner so search engine spiders can analyze this content. You should also avoid using Flash, Java script, videos and images since these elements cannot be interpreted unless you describe them with some tags and keywords.

You need to draw visitors and search engine spiders to your site or blog by creating some back-links to your content. Contact bloggers and webmasters who have a similar audience and offer to feature their content if they agree to sharing links to your articles. You should also be able to place links on your social media profiles, message boards and article directories. If you focus on writing quality content, Internet users will share links to your articles. Keep in mind that your back-links will draw traffic as long as they remain visible, but eventually, the pages where they are located will not get as many visitors as they used to. You should share back-links to these pages to keep your own links active.

These search engine optimization tips should help you develop an efficient campaign. Monitor your results and remember that you will constantly need to update and improve your search engine optimization campaign if you want your site to be successful.